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Cold and flu season advice

Cold and flu season is in full swing and we wanted to remind you of a few things when dealing with respiratory or stomach infections. We can treat most cases through call or text!  If you just have a cold or mild symptoms that you can take care of at home, you don’t have to…

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Men’s Health: Testosterone

Grab your mustache wax and let us hit you with some knowledge about men’s health care. Did you know November is Men’s Health Month? Let’s talk testosterone.  Blood testosterone levels decrease as men age. The decline is usually modest. Many of the changes men experience as they age are attributed to testosterone lowering. Recent evidence…

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Are seasonal allergies affecting you?

Oklahoma is a great place to live… unless you have allergies. Unfortunately, local environmental allergens can make certain times of the year difficult for many of us. What can we do to improve allergies in Oklahoma? Allergens are substances that can trigger an allergic reaction. Each person has a unique set of allergens that they…

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Welcome Christi DeWitt, PA

Primary Health Partners in Moore is proud to welcome Christi DeWitt, PA, to our team. Christi DeWitt, was born and raised in Purcell, Oklahoma. She earned her Bachelor of Science in biology education from the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma. DeWitt went on to teach high school anatomy, physiology and biology where she…

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Welcome Dr. Wall

Primary Health Partners in Moore is proud to welcome Dr. Louie Wall to our team. Louie Wall, M.D., specializes in the field of family medicine for the Oklahoma City metro and in rural Oklahoma.  Dr. Wall is now accepting enrollment for our Moore location, which is slated to open this summer.

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Can I Lose Weight Without Feeling Starved?

Losing weight is hard. (Thank you Captain Obvious!) When you have a gnawing hunger constantly reminding you that your stomach is empty, it pushes self-control to a whole new level. Is it possible to lose weight without feeling hungry? The answer is… maybe. If you eat foods that are high in caloric density, losing weight…

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