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Organizations of any size

Whether you have just a few employees or thousands, we can help!

With the rising cost of healthcare, employers are searching for ways to offer health benefits to their employees while managing skyrocketing costs. At Primary Health Partners, we work with organizations of all kinds in various scenarios, including:

  • Employers who offer memberships to our clinics as their entire benefits plan.
  • Employers who pair memberships to our clinics along with a high-deductible insurance plan.
  • Self-insured employers.

If you're self-insured, we can have a significant impact on your bottom line by passing along our wholesale cost on prescriptions and labs, virtually eliminating urgent care visits and greatly reducing ER visits. Partnering with cash-discount providers for imaging and specialists care also results in lower costs to your employees and your health plan.



monthly per enrolled employee

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Reduce absenteeism

Employees can often struggle to afford copays or prescriptions so they may be less likely to visit the doctor and more likely to miss more days of work.
Now visiting the doctor is affordable and more convenient! Our physicians specialize in preventative care and can help manage chronic diseases so your employees stay on top of their health.

Lower employee's expenses

With our wholesale pricing, employees can benefit from significant savings. Your employees can leave their appointment with their medication in hand! Paying for services with cash lowers the cost to employers as well.
That means less time waiting in line at the pharmacy and reduced out-of-pocket costs for your employee.

Save time on doctor's visits

We understand time is valuable, so we offer multiple ways your employees can communicate with their physician. Our methods of virtual visits include email, phone calls, text messages, and video chat.
This added convenience means that employees can get the medical care they need with efficiency!

Employees save on prescriptions, labs and imaging services!

GenericName BrandDosageQuantityPatient Cost
Z packZithromax250 MG6 tabs$5.64
LisinoprilZestril10 MG100 tabs$4.07
AmoxicillinAmoxicillin500 MG21 caps$5.64
LevofloxacinLevaquin500 MG7 tabs$5.59
SimvastatinZocor20 MG90 tabs$8.92
CitalopramCelexa20 MG100 tabs$4.43
SertralineZoloft50 MG90 tabs$5.91
CiprofloxacinCipro500 MG20 tabs$6.08
AmlodipineNorvasc10 MG90 tabs$3.99
AtorovastatinLipitor20 MG90 tabs$10.72
MetforminGlucophage500 MG180 tabs$6.68
TopiramateTopamax50 MG60 tabs$4.76
Common LabsPrice
Total Testosterone$9.00
Imaging ServicePrice
MRI without contrast$350-$400
MRI with contrast$450-$575
CT scan without contrast$200-$250
CT scan with contrast$300-$350

*prices will vary slightly based on the type of imaging/area of the body

Put us to the test!

Want to find out how much you'll save? If you're already providing benefits to your employees, you can share 6-12 months of claim data with us and we can show you how much you would have saved if you had been on our plan during that time.

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