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Primary Health Partners

More care, less money. No joke.


$ 49 monthly

Children 25 and under must be enrolled with a parent to qualify for kid rate.


99 monthly

Get Primary Health
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What about insurance?

Many of our patients carry a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) for major medical needs. This is often accessed either through an employer or through the Healthcare Marketplace. Much of what we offer through virtual visits and in-office services eliminates the need for many insurance claims.

Our patients often find that they spend substantially less on their healthcare overall by layering their insurance plan with their PHP membership.

How we do it.

You'll have one provider who knows you personally and is prioritizing your care. We're in your corner and we're your constant advocate.

24/7 access to care

There’s no time like the present. Your actual, real-life, personal doctor is just a call or text away.

Limited number of patients

Each provider is capped at 800 patients, not 3000 like the traditional system. We’re wildly available.

Seamless communication

Text, call, email, video chat with your provider at anytime. It’s secure, safe, and simple.

Wholesale pharmacy

Get medications at wholesale prices through our in-house pharmacies at every location

Onsite labs

Get labs and testing done in real-time for wholesale costs.

Insurance, or not

Layer your membership with an insurance plan, or don’t. It’s up to you.

30% increase in average savings on healthcare costs

Clarity and ease at every step.

We’re here to help you get the best healthcare experience you’ve ever had. We’ve removed the hassle, complexity, and runaround we’ve all experienced in the traditional healthcare system.
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