Taro Health and Primary Health Partners: Affordable DPC in Oklahoma

Primary Health Partners

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Taro Health and Primary Health Partners

The face of healthcare is changing, and as part of our commitment to leading the shift, Primary Health Partners has joined with Taro Health to expand accessibility to the direct primary care experience. Now, more Oklahomans can have the affordable and comprehensive health care they deserve without the stress and financial burden they don’t. Beginning in November 2024, Oklahomans living in Canadian, Oklahoma, and Cleveland Counties can select Taro Health on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Exchange as their preferred health plan for their coverage year.
Taro Health is a fully licensed New York-based health insurance provider that partners with independent direct primary care (DPC) physicians—like those at Primary Health Partners—to offer high-quality individual and family plans that combine the coverage of traditional health insurance with the exceptional service of DPC.
Taro Health is one of seven health insurance plans available to Oklahomans during Open Enrollment Season, but it is the only ACA marketplace plan that delivers unlimited primary care, unlimited mental health visits, and $0 generic prescriptions for care that not only helps you when you’re sick—it helps keep you healthy in the first place.

The DPC Difference in Healthcare

Oklahoma has become a national trailblazer in the direct primary care model. Primary Health Partners, the largest DPC practice in the state, is proud to be one of the few at the forefront because, when it comes to healthcare, DPC is just different. With no copays, same-day or next-day appointments, extended appointment visit times, virtual care options, and the ability to call or text your doctor directly, DPC helps doctors and patients establish the strong and trusting relationships necessary for long-term health.
At Primary Health Partners, our physicians are given the freedom to treat every patient individually, with the time and attention they deserve, without worrying about surprise fees or unwanted insurance charges. From unlimited primary care visits to personalized treatment plans, DPC gives you greater access to better care at a lower cost.

“We have a short-to-zero wait time, and then guess what you experience? A long, nice, comfortable visit with your doctor, if so wanted or required.”

Dr. Kyle Rickner

Personalized Plans and Customized Coverage at an Affordable Price

Taro Health offers comprehensive plans at a variety of price points and coverage levels to meet your unique needs. All plans are based on income levels and include $0 membership access to the DPC physicians at Primary Health Partners, as well as to a broad network of specialists, facilities, and hospital care for comprehensive services including labs and x-rays, surgeries, newborn care, and more.
Certain enrollees may also qualify for a federal subsidy that can significantly reduce the premium cost.
Taro Health in Oklahoma is only available to people who do not currently receive coverage from an employer or other source, including those who are self-employed or work at small businesses. Once enrolled, it is the patient’s responsibility to set up their DPC plan with Primary Health Partners.
Taro Health is ideal for patients and families who:
  • Have an annual income of less than $40,000
  • Are ineligible for Medicare or Sooner Care
  • Are not offered insurance through their employer
  • Do not have any health insurance coverage
  • Require high-deductible emergency plans
  • Are self-employed or employed by small businesses who cannot offer health insurance

Put Your Health First with Healthcare from Taro Health and Primary Health Partners

In partnering with Taro Health, Primary Health Partners in Oklahoma is doing more than changing the way we do medicine; we’re making it easier and more affordable for more Oklahomans to receive the absolute best care possible. Our providers are passionate about their patients, and our collaboration with Taro Health is just one more way we can help you live a better, healthier life.

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