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Preventative Care from Primary Health Partners

PHP memberships include an extensive preventative care services for you and your family.

Preventative Care at Primary Health Partners

Preventive care like immunizations, screenings, and checkups does more than keep you healthy; it can help keep you at work, your kids at school, and everyone out of the hospital. By identifying health concerns earlier when they are easier and less expensive to treat, and by preventing injury and illness before they occur, preventive care can help reduce both your costs for healthcare and your risk of developing more serious conditions.

At Primary Health Partners, we believe great health starts with great preventive care that’s tailored to you. Under our direct primary care model, our physicians can provide quality preventive care without the stress of patient quotas or administrative headaches. What’s more, they aren’t limited to standard office hours or in-network services, giving them the freedom to spend as much time with you as you need, whenever you need it, because taking care of your health today produces better outcomes for tomorrow.

Preventative care services available at wholesale cost:

Preventive care is intended to prevent or detect serious diseases or conditions that, when left unchecked, untreated, or undiagnosed, can lead to significant health problems, chronic illness, and poor quality of life. For Primary Health Partners, preventive care is at the very heart of our mission as a direct primary care provider, a mission focused on providing the very best care so you can enjoy your optimal health.

At Primary Health Partners, your provider has one priority: you. He or she is your first point of contact and your first line of defense for preventive care and services like:

  • Wellness exams and annual physicals, including sports physicals and well-woman exams
  • Well-baby and well-child checks
  • Family planning, including birth control, prenatal care, breastfeeding support and counseling, and maternal depression screening
  • Management of chronic conditions like COPD, diabetes, hypertension/blood pressure, cholesterol, and autoimmune diseases
  • Counseling for smoking cessation, weight loss, nutrition, depression, and substance use concern

Your PHP provider can also assist with additional tests, screenings, treatments, and services like immunizations, allergy testing, and flu, covid, or rapid strep tests at up to 80% less than market costs.

The Direct Primary Care Difference for Preventive Care

Primary Health Partners is offering a different way to get the care you need through direct primary care. With direct primary care, you don’t have to put off preventive care until you can afford it, or just “wait it out” to avoid copays and surprise billing. Your low monthly membership with Primary Health Partners gives you access to the preventive care services you need when you need them—not weeks later and not after a long wait at urgent care—including unlimited primary care visits and telemedicine consultations. You can even receive an array of services at wholesale cost that aren’t considered preventive by most insurance companies but are just as important in protecting and preserving your health, such as certain diagnostic tests and screenings, appointments with specialty doctors, and even prescription medication.

Even the experience of receiving preventive care is different with direct primary care. Your provider has the freedom and flexibility to build a real relationship with you, to get to know you and your unique health concerns, and to be available for same-day or next-day in-person appointments or via text, email, or video chat. Office visits are unhurried and unlimited, and you get a say in the decisions being made about your health. And, without having to rely on high deductible insurance plans with prohibitive out-of-pocket expenses, the direct primary care membership model allows you to afford the preventive care you need to avoid costly medical problems.

Primary Health Partners: Your Partner for Preventive Care

Discover what healthcare was meant to be with Primary Health Partners, where you can receive all the care and attention you deserve at a price you can afford. You’ll enjoy access and services you need without the wait time or insurance runaround, including medications, tests, and lab work at wholesale cost and common-sense appointment scheduling that works for you.

At Primary Health Partners, our providers are genuinely passionate about helping their patients live better, healthier lives with preventive care that actually makes a difference. Here, more time with your doctor and more access to quality care means exceptional patient experiences and consistently better outcomes, all for one low monthly fee. Find out what direct primary care from Primary Health Partners can do for you and sign up today!

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