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A personalized approach to your employees' health.


Primary Health Partners is a predictable, accessible, cost-controlled healthcare solution for everyone on your team. We empower employees to make smart healthcare decisions. You’ll have healthier employees, and a bottom-line impact you’ll enjoy. Whether you have just 5 employees or hundreds, Primary Health Partners can offer healthcare that suits your needs.

One low monthly fee provides unlimited access for each employee to their doctor and the services we provide. Things like medications, tests, and lab work are delivered at wholesale costs.

Happy, healthy, engaged employees

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On-site and
wholesale Rx

On-site and
wholesale labs


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Case study

Savings with Primary Health Partners

The data represented below is from Jan 1st, 2022 – Dec 31st, 2022. It encompasses 1,497 members utilizing the services offered at PHP. One of PHP’s foundational pillars is to Change the Patient Experience. We do this through increased access and time with their provider and providing transparency of any financial arrangements. We also believe in restoring the provider-to-patient relationship. Our providers cap their panel to allow adequate time and access to provide high-quality, comprehensive care. Of the 6,740 encounters, 46% of these encounters were unscheduled. So, when we say 24/7 access to your provider, we genuinely mean it, and live it out.


Encounters include in-person visits, virtual visits, and Spruce Communications.

PHP Medications


Includes PHP and Affiliates who billed to PHP



PHP Services Provided

Amounts shown only reflect the services we can estimate a value to, there are likely more savings in avoided ER, Urgent care, and other services that have decreased on your plan since implementing DPC.

*All data from 1/1/2022 - 12/31/2022

Utilization with Primary Health Partners

PHP In-Person &
Virtual Encounters

PHP Electronic Communication

Medications Dispensed