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*To be eligible for rewards, the referral form above must be completed. The referring individual must have an active subscription at the time of referral and remain subscribed throughout the process. The referral reward is applicable only to the individual whose account initiated the referral and the referred person completes their first initial visit. One free month will be applied per referral. Other individuals on the same account are not eligible for the free month. Sign-ups prior to the launching of the program do not qualify for a referral credit. Referral reward per child added is $49.99. Employer patients are limited to SIX persons or $599 in rewards earned per calendar year. Referred patients must be active & paying members for approximately 60 days before receiving a digital Amazon gift card.


What is the Referral Program?

At Primary Health Partners (PHP), we believe in the power of personal recommendations and the value of community connections. Our referral program is our way of saying thank you to our patients who trust us with their healthcare needs and choose to recommend us to their friends and family. We recognize that word-of-mouth referrals are a testament to the quality of care we provide, and we want to express our gratitude by offering rewards for those who help us grow our PHP family.

How does the program work for employer patients?

Participating in our referral program is simple and rewarding for employer patients. Use the form above to refer a friend or family member to Primary Health Partners. Once your referral becomes an active and paying member, you'll be eligible for rewards. As a token of our appreciation, you'll receive a $99 digital Amazon gift card per adult and a $49 gift card per child after approximately 60 days of active membership.

Please note that referrals are limited to six persons per calendar year or a maximum reward of $599 for employer patients.

How does the program work for retail patients?
For our retail patients, our referral program offers fantastic benefits. Here's how it works: Simply ensure you're an active member and submit a referral form. Once your referral signs up and completes their first visit, you'll receive a $99 credit per adult or a $49 credit per child towards your membership. The best part? There's no limit to the number of people you can refer. So feel free to spread the word to friends, family, and beyond.
How long until I get my rewards?

You'll receive your reward for retail patient referrals promptly after your referral's first visit. The reward will be applied directly to your account, making it seamless and convenient for you.

For employer patients, rewards are delivered via email approximately 60 days after your referral signs up and becomes an active, paying member. This ensures that your referral remains committed to their healthcare journey with us. We appreciate your patience and support as we process your reward.

Are there other ways I can refer?

While utilizing the referral form is the most effective way to track referrals accurately, we understand that there may be instances where patients prefer alternative methods. One such option is available through Hint when signing up.

Patients can select "Other" as a lead source in Hint and enter the name of the person who referred them in the provided text box. This allows for seamless referral tracking while accommodating different preferences.

However, we highly encourage the use of the referral form whenever possible, as it helps us ensure rewards are properly attributed.


What is the difference between a retail and referral patient?

A retail patient pays for their membership through PHP at the $99 rate.

An employer patient is any patient who has their membership through their employer, meaning they get their membership through payroll deduction or having their employer cover the subscription cost.

Who can I refer?

At Primary Health Partners, we believe in extending exceptional healthcare to everyone. That's why we welcome referrals from our patients for anyone they think could benefit from our services. Whether it's a friend, a loved one, or even someone they've just met, we're dedicated to ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible to all.

So, feel free to refer anyone you believe would benefit from our care. We greatly appreciate your support in spreading the word about our practice and look forward to welcoming new members into our PHP Family.

Can rewards be exchanged?

Currently, our credit system for referrals is designed to operate within specific sections. This means that credits awarded for referring must remain within their respective sections. As a result, employer patients cannot swap for retail credit, and vice versa – retail patients cannot swap for employer credit.

While we understand the desire for flexibility, maintaining this structure ensures fairness and consistency within our referral program. We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we work to provide the best possible experience for all our patients. Thank you for your cooperation!

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