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Our mission is to return to the essence of healthcare,
creating a transcendent doctor-patient relationship.

Recently, a study showed the burn out rates among primary care physicians to be in the top five of all specialties. Unfortunately in our current health care environment that is not going to change any time soon. Reimbursements are falling and physicians are being driven to see more and more patients and spend less time with them. Physicians desire to build relationships with their patients, but after a busy day of practice there is no compensation to further connect with patients much less the energy to do so. In a nutshell health care in the primary care setting is broken. DPC involves patients paying a monthly subscription fee to the practice. In return they get to be a part of a smaller patient panel and thus have more access to the physician. They usually can text, email or call the practice 24/7 and rarely have to wait for an appointment. They also get longer visits and generally have a very high satisfaction with the arrangement.

We believe that over time, third parties, because of investor and market pressures, have compromised the quality of the patient experience. When you remove those third parties (insurance companies), no longer do we have to serve their demands, but can focus only on the patient concerns. Those third party relationships increase cost and decrease physician-patient time. PHP believes without those third parties, the doctor-patient relationship can thrive. The result is increased patient satisfaction, cost savings and improved clinical outcomes.