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Heather Puckett, M.Ed., LPC


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Everyone faces challenges in life, and those can sometimes feel so huge that it seems nothing can help. My goal is to give hope to those who are hurting and feeling overwhelmed by events in their past, problems they face today, or worries about the future. I want to help my clients understand that they are the architect of their future & that they do not have to be defined by their past experiences.

My areas of practice include but are not limited to the following conditions: anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, complex trauma, symptoms of grief & loss, and assisting clients undergo major life changes such as divorce, job loss, or management of new or worsening leath conditions. 

I believe everyone has the right to feel heard and understood; sometimes they just need help finding their voice. I strive to meet people where they are in life, in a respectful & compassionate way. I provide a safe & supportive environment which encourages processing of traumatic experiences or whatever challenges you may be facing.

Currently accepting new clients through telehealth