Daytime: Salads,  Nighttime: Carbs 

Raise a hand if that just-got-home-from-work-kids-are-crazy hour gets you too. That’s definitely me. When I come home after a day at work I almost automatically enter wind-down mode. My motivation for eating healthy begins to wane as the evening routine ensues. Many times, the food that is around the house is not low carb (the kids gotta eat too). All too often, we can develop the habit of snacking before bed. I am as guilty of this as anyone. 

But, since we’re getting into the habit of just facing the facts around here, let me breakdown the woes of that late night snack habit: 

Disrupted fasting:

Eating late is one of the worst things you can do for your body. Normal physiology puts the body into a fasting state overnight, and certain natural chemicals come into play that help the weight loss process. Eating before bed short circuits this normal physiology; instead of working on burning fat cells as fuel while you sleep, your body is busy digesting the food that you ate right before you fell asleep. 

You’re acting likea bodybuilder: Well, that seems counterproductive… right? In an attempt to gain muscle, bodybuilders will often set an alarm to wake up in the middle of the night and eat something. This allows them to stop the fast and keep the body in digestion-mode – resulting in weight gain instead of weight loss. For our purposes, this habit can be a nightmare.

Healthy snacks won’t help: Even if the late night snacks are considered to be healthy foods, the body’s normal weight loss is still changed into a weight gain. 

I know many of you struggle with the need to eat late, and simply cannot get any weight off. We must find a way to stop caloric intake in a timely manner so that our bodies can proceed with what we want, weight loss.

It is hard, if it was easy no one would be fat. It is especially frustrating when an obese person is getting advice from their thin friends that think they have the answers. Quite often, thin people have the worst eating habits of anyone; I have a friend that eats a large bowl of ice cream every night before bed, and has never weighed more than 150. Don’t let people like that get you down. 

Your obesity is not a sign of weakness or poor character.

Let me repeat: Your obesity is not a sign of weakness or poor character.

It is a genetic predisposition that can be controlled with knowledge, practice, and tenacity. It is a fight you have every day of your life, and you never really win the war. You can win some battles, and rise again when you fall. 

With consistency I was able to drop another three pounds this week! Stay positive, and let’s do this.

Dr. T. Cail