Can I just get real with you for a minute? 

I stepped on the scale January 4th, and I’m 55 pounds over my goal weight. I’ve got a New Year’s resolution to lose weight…again.

Why January 4th? Because my mom makes the best red velvet cake, and my birthday is January 3rd. (Don’t judge me too harshly.)

I find myself among the unfortunate (but hopeful) mass that suffers from being overweight. Like many of you, I have gained and lost enough weight to fill my office space. My friends, the time has come to go forth and conquer, yet again.

I am going to lose weight.

I invite you to accompany me on this adventure.

It’s the beginning of a new year, and it’s time to reflect on our past and look ahead to the future. It is common for us to resolve ourselves to set goals at this time of the season, with an eye to our betterment. 

I belong to the low carb camp. Past success tells me that limiting myself to no more than 40 grams of total carbohydrates a day is a great place to start. So, here I go. I am now on day 6, right in the midst of the ‘carb withdrawal’ phase. I know that in two or three more days, the cravings will decrease and it will get easier after that.

I will chronicle my ups and downs for your interest, and hopefully for your encouragement. I am sounding the call for all that need to walk the same path. Join me, if you will, so that people will see less of us in the coming months (you are free to insert your own weight loss joke here). 

It takes discipline; it is not much fun. It can be done, and we are capable of doing it. Let’s put rubber to the road, and get going.

I will keep you posted.

Dr. Trey Cail