I step on the scale and I don’t look. I don’t want to know. 

Friends, this is not as easy as I was hoping. I find myself sitting in a Cracker Barrel smelling the country home-cooked scents pouring from the kitchen. I want to give in. However, I resist. I know you can too! Be strong. 

I can feel my body shift into my new diet and routine. My sugar cravings are subsiding, which I hope makes this a lot easier. None-of-which makes it easier to look at this scale. 

I weigh myself at the same time each week, before I’ve eaten anything. I want all the variables to be perfect so the reading is accurate. I finally sneak a peek at the scale out of the corner of my eye. I’ve lost eight pounds! It’s a good start. Scratch that, it’s a fabulous start. Now, I’m aware most of this is water weight as my body adjusts to its new normal. It feels like a victory none-the-less. Not all of you will get this early encouragement. That is okay, it will come. Keep the faith.

You know what does not help with your weight goal? Constantly getting on the scale. I know, I know, it is so tempting. Could I have lost a pound in the last minute? Perhaps the reading was off before? Maybe this isn’t a plateau but a flood gate? 

Use. The. Scale. Responsibly.

Remember, weight is just a number. It does not represent what is being weighed. Your body could be burning fat, but you might be heavier because of muscle or fluid changes. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. Pick a day to weigh, and avoid the scale the rest of the week. 

I intend to keep dodging sweets and carb-filled temptations. Stay with me, we can do this! If you are just starting your weight loss journey, welcome aboard. Good luck, and I will check in soon.

Dr. Trey Cail